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OSMF Board Elections 2012

It has been pointed out to me that writing a blog article once a month about what I think OSMF should do (or not do) is not sportsmanlike. I’m drawing the consequences and standing for election to the OSMF board of directors. I’ve drawn up a manifesto and published it on the OSM wiki. It’s a bit lengthy but if you are reading this blog post then you are used to lengthy treatises anyway. If you like what I say, I would feel honoured if you voted for me. (And if you’re not yet a member of OSMF and still want to vote me in, here’s how to join OSMF – I’d say that £15 is a bargain for the chance to tell your grandchildren that you were one of those… err, what is this “hubris” of which you speak?)


About Leadership

In the course of the license change, a process that is now thankfully nearing completion, some have portrayed the OSMF board as a power hungry and self-absorbed club trying to exert control over OSM.

I think this is exaggerated. But it is an interesting opportunity to discuss who should be running OSM(F), and how.
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