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Over the years, I have written over 10,000 messages on the various OpenStreetMap mailing lists. Some technical, some philosophical, some confrontational – but most: ephemeral, useful only in the situation but not worth recording.

This blog is intended to record those bits and pieces that are perhaps worth keeping – intersting things about the past of OpenStreetMap and musings about its future. I might occasionally post technical stuff but my primary medium for that will remain the mailing list. Neither am I planning to break news of any kind here. Most of what you read here will be distilled and matured.

… the Author

Frederik Ramm is a long-time OSM contributor, speaker at conferences, co-author of the first ever OpenStreetMap book, as well as a founder and acting director of Geofabrik, an IT consultancy specialised in OpenStreetMap services of all kind. He’s a member of OSMF, FOSSGIS, and OSMF’s Data Working Group, and he’s one of the top rated people giving answers on help.openstreetmap.org, our community help portal.